The following testimonials are from real people who have previously booked my services for a special event. 


J. & J.L. 


Thank you for the beautiful music on our wedding day. My dream has always been to have a string quartet ensemble at my wedding. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music with us.


J. & J. L.


Dear Rachel, 

It was a truly magical day, made even better by you and your sisters beautiful music. The music was heavenly and "Liz on top of the World" was truly lovely. You brought Claire's dream to life on their special day. Thank you  so much for making the day so special! You and your sisters are so gifted! Many, many thanks!!"

~ L.P. 

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Rachel and Crew,

Our wedding music was absolutely beautiful. Just perfect! The ceremony was my favorite part and so special to P. and I. You all contributed so much to the beauty and flow of it all. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate it! 


Thank you all so much for the beautiful music provided a D. & C. wedding! WOW! We are so greatful to have such professional musicians to play that gift from D. to his bride!



A very special thank you, with sincere appreciation. 

Thank you for the beautiful music and being a part of our wedding.


J. & C. 

 "Thank you so much Rachel! I really enjoyed the music and believe it made a big difference. Thank you for staying. It was fabulous!!"

~ A.S. 

"Thank you so much for playing at our Wedding!" ~ L & J 

"Thanks so much! The music was beautiful!"



Thank you for blessing us with your music.

God Bless,

K. & G. D.  

Rachel ~ "Thank you for being apart of our Wedding Day" 

~ C & N

"Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure having you play for Hannah and Duncan. I will always remember the sound in that beautiful little church.

Blessings to you all,"

~ J

"...You are very talented and did a great job. Thank you so much!" M.K.

"...Thanks for doing such a great job- Everything was perfect! Well done!" B.B.

Thank you- J. & S. V.


Thank you for sharing your amazing talent on this very special day!! I cannot thank you enough for fitting us in and making Morgan and Lances wedding complete. 


P.H. & L.H.

Dear Rachel,

Thank you so much for helping to make A. wedding so special and meaningful. We appreciate you all very much. 

With Many Thanks,

C. and A. 

Thank you so much for providing the music for our wedding.

N. & S.